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Mr. Right at Anthology Film Archives in New York Tuesday August 21!!
Q & A with Dree after the screening!
Dree works for One Story Up
  One Story Up
Mr. Right
Director Dree Andrea
the search for sanity and a soulmate in New York City
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More about the film Mr. Right
                  is director Dree Andrea's third documentary about 'the search for sanity and a soulmate' in New York City.  

    Dree was born and raised in Amsterdam and has lived in New York on and off for fifteen years now. She is still intrigued how people 'emotionally survive the (often cold and impersonal) ways of American city life'.

    Dree's films 'The Tunnel' (four years in the lives of six homeless people living underground in an Amtrak train tunnel) and 'All visitors must be announced' (about the lives and loves of doormen and their residents) were very personal portraits of New Yorkers trying to find their way in the city they love - within a strange, somewhat protected, environment.

    In Mr.Right Dree follows the lives of truely single New Yorkers, who are actively looking for a partner, during a one year period.

    She explores if living in the city is as crazy, impersonal, fast-paced and lonely as they sometimes say. Or is there a hidden intimacy, love and support amongst singles during times of crisis that we may not be so aware of? Why is it so hard for New Yorkers to find Mr. or Mrs. Right? Are they too demanding or simply too busy surviving?

    Dree also talks to the friends and family of her main characters. Slowly but surely the above questions are answered in the most unexpected ways.
Where can I see Mr. Right?
Producer Zeppers Film & TV
Distributor Cinema Delicatessen
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the cast
Leigh Jackson
Laurie Graff
Annie Balliro
Sajata Epps
Ben Dewar
A Dree Andrea film
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